Overview of this site :

Curtain-GLI-2.JPGMost of my readers (you) are much younger than I am. So why would you care about what an old fogey like me has to say?
        Maybe it's because I've had the chance to observe so many more political cycles than you have. I've had so many more opportunities to see what different politicians do once they are in office about the many promises they had to make in order to get elected.
        Maybe it's because there aren't very many people who have had the opportunity of having over 20 years of formal education, including several years of philosophy and many more years of reflecting and perhaps improving on that philosophy, as I saw on the ground the way those ideas worked or didn't work in American politics. If you are not yet familiar with my work, before you invest any of your precious time on this website, maybe you should check out my testimonials pages, where many who have preceded you here have written to express their appreciation for my work. You'll see that many express more enthusiastic praise than I would have dreamed of claiming for myself.
        When I created my first web site, back in 1996, my goal was to deny the claim of the "Religious Right" and its "Christian Coalition" on the political allegiance of the vast majority of the 70% or so of voters in America who identify themselves as "Christians". I called that site "LiberalslikeChrist.Org".
        About 10 years later, however, I realized that I had developed so many insights that were either strictly secular, or strictly religious, that they required two separate sites, one predominantly religious ( the original LiberalslikeChrist.Org ), and this one, Great-Liberal-Insights.org, devoted to predominantly secular issues.  The secular insights of this site are organized into either 1) Ideology, the world of ideas, or 2) History, the world of actions,
        I honestly believe that these web sites are among the very best resources you can find anywhere on the whole world-wide web for two reasons.The first is that most of the insights on these sites are unique, original, and better than what others have to offer. And second, my sites fulfill another very other important function, that of highlighting, preserving and making readily available for you as well as myself the very best insights and/or information that others have produced.
        P.S. There are several hundred pages to explore on my various web sites, but the menu bar on your left will always be in place to assist you if needed, and my email address is at the bottom of most pages for any who would like to share their wisdom, critiques or advice with me.

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