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Before you decide how much of your precious time to invest in exploring Ray Dubuque's web sites,  why not spend a few minutes perusing the reviews of others who have preceded you here?   Because some people had much more to say than others,  we feature over 100 shorter ones on this "brief testimonials" page, while posting 70 or so of the longer ones on a special "L O N G E R testimonials" page of their own.
              Ray (David) Dubuque

Brief  Testimonials
of people who discovered Ray Dubuque's web sites
ahead of you, and had a lot to say about their experience.

Superlative Testimonials

  1. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject:"Liberals Like Christ"
          "You have created a premier group and your web pages are works of inspirational genius."
    Rev. H. (Houston, Texas)
  2. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: "Liberals Like Christ" site :
          "Excellent site, Ray! I'll pass the word around. Keep up this important work. You are doing this country, as well as Christianity, a vital service.
    Ted, (an M.D.  in Oregon)"
  3. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: "U.S. founders and Christ were liberals"
          The highly rated liberal OpEdNews.com site published a great article by Jackson Thoreau , Entitled : "U.S. founders and Christ were liberals"
    in which he said:
          "One of the best Internet sites that explains how Christ was a liberal who worked to help the poor and oppressed is www.liberalslikechrist.org"
  4. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject:Alan Colmes book Liberals Like Christ
          In his 2003 book "Red, White and Liberal", Alan Colmes, the Liberal radio and TV talk-show host, has a chapter devoted to the theme of our site, i.e.  "Jesus was a Liberal", (a chapter, he assured me, was influenced by my web site). In that chapter he refers his readers to "Ray Dubuque's fabulous www.Liberals LikeChrist.Org web site."   Alan also had me as a guest for an hour on his Oct. 23rd radio show, when that chapter was the one generating the most response from the public.

  5. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: thanks for one of the best sites on the web!
          "thank you for pointing out all the scandals, the truths about the republicans, and loads of disturbing facts about the republican party. (GOPcorruption.html  )  its about time a site like this existed.
          bravo and keep up the good work!"
    Dana  (Cleveland, OH)
  6. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: re: God vs. Greed page
          "If my wife leaves me it is your fault.  I spend too much time reading your teaching, preaching or writings.  But they are the best yet.  THANK YOU !
    M. S.
    ( re: www.LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/Godvsgreed  ]
  7. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
         "Ray, I have just finished navigating your site. It is awesome!!! Everyone in America needs to read what you have posted and your carefully thought out Christian arguments.  I have e-mailed links to everyone I know. I was raised in the Southern Baptist church and my early exposure was not pleasant. All I remember is a vengeful frightening God who promised eternal hell for non-believers. My spiritual beliefs today are now a mixture of Christianity and Buddhism. Thank you for this website,"
    T.D.R. (Age 62, Texas)
  8. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
          "Amen Ray!! You're brilliant, my friend!  I sent this email (re: LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/Christmas.html) out to all my webmail buddies and I'm going to post it at my church.  Keep sending me your stuff, Ray.  You are a real Christian, my friend and I wish the whole country could hear you.  You need to be on TV or get a newspaper column or something, dude! "
    L. H.,  in Knoxville, TN.
  9. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: re:Church/State page
          "Actually, this is about the whole site. I've barely begun to explore it, but already I can say this:  I wish I'd found you a lot sooner - before I became so offended and embittered by the pray-pay-and-obey churches and ask-no-questions preachers (the only ones available to me at the time) that I turned against religion in general and Christianity in particular.  You proclaim a Christianity I could live with - or could have lived with."
    A. J. (Upper Peninsula, Michigan)
  10. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: The scandals of the Holocaust
         "Ray I have not read ALL of all your recently linked web pages, but as I read these items (under http://CatholicArrogance.Org/RCscandal.html  ) I find them SUPERB!!!  I have no revisions to suggest.
         I have on numerous occasions pointed a great number of people your way via links to your pages and a few likely have joined "Liberals Like Christ" as a result.  In verbal discussions I also encourage people to read and follow up on your work.
         Your items are majestic, intelligent, wonderfully informative and insightful, demonstrative of genius and compassion, caring.  Many thanks for all your efforts.
    Rev.  H. H.,   in Texas.
  11. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: I love this site
         "Thank you.  After being raised in a fundamentalist bible-thumping church , filled with hypocrisy, I began to hate Christianity and Christians.  It is just now that I am 43 years old that I realized that this is not the Christianity of Christ.  He said two things; 'love God and your neighbor.'  Let's get this word out there to young Christians and others who are searching for a more loving God.  They need to know that the 'Right' is not right.
    Lara M.,  (a nurse, United Church of Christ, Tallahassee, FL) "
  12. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
          . . .  "What I found refreshing in your site was your eagerness for expressing truth above all personal cost.  This without trying to hook the reader with clever wording, or intimidate me into following your lead or lose God's favor.  Between your lines lies a man eager for the sacrifice of any belief no matter how long held, in favor of truth.  How can one but respect such an author.  I find also the unmistakable sweet scent of love woven everywhere in and around your thoughts. . .
          God bless you Ray, you've made a tremendous difference in my life.  Keep writing, something good is going to come of this I can feel it."
    Bob G.  in Massachusetts
  13. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
         "I have been visiting 'Liberals like Christ' for a long time . . .  It's really great and makes perfect sense.  I use it all the time to make my points to the religious hypocrites in the Republican party.  Great well thought-out writing."
    - NewsJunky1
  14. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    "Dear Ray,
          What a truly excellent website.  I have been brainwashed by conservative Christians for so long that I didn't think I could ever embrace Christianity because of my liberal beliefs.  I'm intrigued now and want to read more on your ideas of what Jesus was all about. . .  I love your site and stayed up all last night reading it."
    - Katy (a grandmother in Kansas).
  15. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
         "I have enjoyed your site immensely, having quoted from it and forwarded the URL to many, many people – including my conservative, Christian family and friends – it does drive them crazy and why not?  Their narrow-minded, abusive attitudes and actions have damaged millions over the years!  Keep up the good work and God bless you! "
    Jeff G.  ( N. Manchester, IN )
  16. (of 83 brief & high)  Ray
         "What a joy to find your web site today.  I am a liberal Christian, and it is difficult to find many resources like yours on the web!  I don't have time to write much now, but I did want to say that it is comforting to find someone who believes, as I do, that the teachings of Christ lead one down a more liberal path.
          God Bless You!!!!! "
    R. Pearson
  17. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
         "Just a quick note, it being 4:30 AM and all.
          Thank you!  I'm an atheist with a "bleeding heart," if you will, and I absolutely LOVE your website.  It has inspired me to get more involved in religions, to research nonviolent revolutionaries, and just inform myself all the more.  I refer nearly everyone I speak to, to your site with pleasure, it's an awesome resource. . .  You're doing a lot of good for a lot of people here!  Again, thank you! "
    Jason B.  in Mobile, AL.
  18. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
         "Your site is wonderful.  The Religious Right has alternately perplexed, infuriated and terrified me, and your site lays out simply in language anyone can understand where they have gone wrong, unintentionally or purposefully. . .  I will recommend your site to as many people as I can, so please keep up this desperately needed work."
    O. R.  from Maine
  19. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
         "Thanks for your superb posts and your superb WEB pages. They are most thoughtful, scholarly, helpful."
    Rev. Harold Helm
         "Your web site is wonderful - keep at it!  . . .  Your web pages are thoughtful, helpful, and insightful vehicles for compassionate persons who wish to really get to the crux of the issue."
    Harold Helm ( - Moderator, Listowner: RM-COUNSEL@yahoogroups.com)
  20. (of 83 brief & high)  Dear Ray,
         "Republicans made me an atheist.  The belief that all your sins are forgiven, if only you believe, and you have no responsibility to help your fellow man, hardened my heart.  Your website has made me rethink of the God I was raised with and had lost.  Thank you for your good work.  I will never forget what you wrote about following Christ's works versus Paul's teaching.  Christians have forgotten Christ's work.
          Thank you.  You may have saved my life.  Please email me."
    { Since then I have published much more extensive and insightful material on Paul
    at my AboutBadNewsPaul website, in contrast to my About Jesus' Goodnews website.

  21. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: A heartfelt "thank you" from the UK
    "Dear Ray,
          As an expat American living in London who constantly has to defend America against (legitimately) angry Brits, I am so unbelievably thankful for your Liberals Like Christ website.
          Now I have somewhere to direct my friends so that they understand we are not all venal warmongers intent on wreaking havoc whenever and wherever it is in our economic interest to do so.
          Please keep your website updated and topical as it is a place I intend to visit often and look forward to a further exploration of your views.
          Kind regards,
    Tricia (in London, England)
  22. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : Invitation to a great new Progressive Site!
         "Now this is a web site that lifts the heart. It does not make you fighting mad. It does not make you want to throw a coconut at your neighbor. . .  I love it. I've bookmarked it."
  23. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : You made my day
    Brother Ray,
          "You are an inspiration.  I went and joined Liberals Like Christ right away. . .
          If you need technical assistance let me know.  I want to help you and the disadvantaged.  Those fundamentalists should be ashamed of themselves.
          You are Christlike in my eyes."
    - Eric H., Consulting Software Engineer
  24. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : God love you and yours!
          " I cannot wait until I have a free moment to read through your entire site.  I love what I have read thus far.  Hope all is well with you.  Peace,"
    - Jim, Livingwages@aol.com
  25. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Political Menu
         "I stumbled on your page Why Christians belong in the Democratic Party (which became ThankGodforLiberalDemocrats.org in 2017 or so)   .  I wanted to compliment you on a well-thought out, intelligent effort.  You've said so many of the things I've thought over the past several years and you've said it so well.
          I may not be a Christian (for many reasons which are addressed in your site).  but I'm a Democrat and I support your efforts and will be sure to pass your link along.  You actually made me wonder if I'm really anti-Christian after all, or just anti-Republican Christian.
          I hope you're speaking every day in liberal activism - you've got a great message and you have an extraordinary way of expressing old teachings and "progressive" thought. Don't stop fighting the good fight."
    H M W,  in Ohio.
  26. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : Liberals Like Christ site
    "Dearest Ray,
          I think the work you do is so important and so wonderful!  And please keep me on your list.  All my love and may the brightest blessings be yours,"
    Anne N.
  27. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Testimonial
          "Ray, I really really want to thank you for your wonderful food for the soul web page. It has restored my hope and bolstered my faith that this is a good country, with people who know what being a Christian is really about.
    Lisa from Michigan
  28. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: valuation of Liberals Like Christ site
          " "
    Christian-other = I am a Jesus Christ follower - I do not believe in any denomination. Leaning = Very Liberal Time spent = a few hours Content-other = I LOVE, LOVE this site! So much to look at! More Christians should look at this site and deeply read into this - I believe this site is a Godsend! This will also help non-believers see what Christ was really like and become more interested in true Christianity!
  29. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: I love it! Keep it up
          "Wow. Your web site is incredible. I have been looking for a site like this for years. Finally, a web site that tells it like it is when it comes to politics and the teachings of Christ! I love it! Keep it up. Blessings to you, "
    M. S. (Texas)
    "He must increase and I must decrease" ~ John 3:30
  30. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Christlike
    Rev. Ray,
         "I posted your website in my online groups, and as you know rightwingers always lurk, so if you get a lot of hate mail it's coming from them.  They hate the truth and refuse to allow anyone to tell it.  Just don't get discouraged.  I want you to keep that website up and running.  I love it.  It is helping me more than you will ever know.
    Mary B. P., Ohio
  31. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Political Menu
         "You have the most comprehensive site on the web regarding true Christian morality as it pertains to politics."
    P. R.
  32. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Wonderful Website
         "I feel very fortunate to have found your website.  It contains a most comprehensive collection of political/religious/cultural arguments and "proofs" for the liberal philosophy and teachings of Christ.  As such, it means I don't have to "surf" and "save" scores of websites as I collect info on the sources and perspectives of the Christian "left" on virtually every major issue of our day.  Apparently it is ALL HERE!
          . . .   thank you for building a website that can be of great help as a resource and learning tool for Christians all across the philosophical/ political spectrum.
          You do a great service for all of us."
          Respectfully,   Dave V.
  33. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: "Liberals Like Christ"
         "Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring site.  I come from a long line of proud liberals and I have never seen the truth and reason of liberalism collected so beautifully.  In this age of vile , insipid , mindless conservatism you are a breath of fresh clean liberal air".
    - James C.  in Dayton, Ohio.
  34. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Wonderful Website
    Dear Ray –
         "I can't begin to tell you how wonderful your Website is!
          I abandoned my Christian upbringing many years ago because I simply could not believe so much of the intolerance and hatred espoused by my church. In recent months, I've been returning to faith, but I've studiously avoided Christianity because I could not see myself just "turning my life over to Christ" and being done with it.  I've also been thinking for months about how Paul's teachings seem to be in direct conflict with Christ's and how Fundamentalists should really call themselves Paulists instead of Christians.
          I thought I was all alone, but to hear that others (now and through history) have noticed the same conflicts is enormously reassuring.
          Thank you for giving me a new perspective on Christ."
    - Emily, in Venice, CA .
  35. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: "Liberals Like Christ" web site
         "Your website is amazing!!!  I love it and have sent the link to a few of my religious friends.  Unfortunately, many of the people in my own religion (Mormon Church) are conservative.  So, I am on a personal mission to spread the message of liberalism and how Jesus Christ was the greatest progressive leader the world has ever known!  Your website makes my mission easier.  THANK YOU! "
    Jessica C, { religion-LDS, age-23, location-Pocatello, Idaho, and profession-grad student)
  36. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals page
         "Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This is exactly the kind of site I've been looking for.  I feel that my religion, along with my flag, has been hijacked by the religious right and the current administration.
          It was so disappointing to only find liberal sites that ridiculed Christianity and promoted atheism.  Thanks again for a great site."
    Carole S.
  37. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Thank you. . . 
         ". . .  for creating a wonderful website.  On some days when I am feeling very discouraged about the direction of our country, as well as humanity in general, I come and visit "Liberals Like Christ".  Your site helps me to feel hopeful again.
          Peace, Love & Light,"
    David S.  in Houston, TX.
  38. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject:Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,
         "You have done a lot of work developing your website.  Amazing !"
      (accompanied by a gift which spoke louder than words, of $100 `).
    G. W.  (a retired Florida physician who now teaches Sunday School).
  39. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject:
          "Thank you for your efforts in Your website is amazing!
    GOOD JOB, Ray! As a tax paying, law abiding, disabled veteran, previously Catholic, GAY person – I commend and thank you for your efforts in ignorance reduction!
    Warmly,   Linda"
  40. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: I am SO gratified
          "As a new believer, I am SO gratified to know I do not, as a new believer, have to become like those I politically despise . . . the religious right . . . the zealots, the power-hungry brigands and zealots that make up the political right in American society! I will be utilizing much of your page in my continued quest to better know my newly-accepted personal Lord and Savior!
    Angela B. Austin, Texas, USA"
  41. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/ReligiousRight page.
    Rev. Ray,
         "Ray – beautifully done.  written like an investigative reporter, but not without love.  Your work is a blessing to the world.  How about if we print this up as a booklet?  If i can find a grant, we'll give them away free.  Otherwise, we'd have to sell them, but we can sell them for cheap, maybe $5.00 a book.  We have to get you into print, man.
    M. K.  in Ohio.
  42. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,
         "I was raised a 'hard-shelled' Baptist and Republican.  However, as I got old enough to think for myself, I kept questioning my parents about the conflicts between Republicanism and what our church taught about Jesus'  love and forgiveness, as well as his 'liberal' attitudes toward helping others, and the problems of wealth presented in the Bible.  (Today I'm neither Baptist nor Republican, but I am an active church member at a much more liberal church and I'm an independent (unenrolled) voter who leans Left most of the time.)
         "The discovery of your web site was so extremely satisfying because it concisely and intelligently says so many of the things I've thought for many years.  I truly appreciate the good work you've done."
    Alex B., Massachusetts
  43. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,
         "I have been struggling to comprehending why so many conservative christians preach about service to the Lord, and the purification of our country, yet ignore the most basic of teachings that Jesus was meant to provide all of humanity.
          Thank you dearly, Ray, for providing an outlet for what Jesus' message was, and what the overall church's message should be all about: Peace, Brotherhood, Compassion, and Love.  Thank you for one of the greatest sources of information ever made about Christianity! "
    -Your fan,   C. E. S.
  44. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Appreciation for your website
          "Both your critical analysis and depth of theological reflection were refreshing to me.  I am a Bible loving Democrat with a Master of Divinity degree.  (NO! The church is not owned by a political party- despite the propaganda of the Republicans.) 
          Thank you for writing about the church's call to be the champion of the poor and the powerless. Blessings on the work you do! "
    Pastor Anna, (the Bible Belt)
  45. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject:Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,
         "I will pray that more and more Americans become familiar with this web site.  I cry as I read page after page.  I have had so much conflict with being a very active Christian and a liberal Democrat that my heart has been torn to pieces.  I have found a place here to help me sort things out and defend my position.  Until now I thought I walked alone.
          For three years I have very regularly attended a Christian men's group here in Iowa and now for the third week in a row I have been subjected to George Bush cheerleading or Democrat bashing comments.
          I am so thankful for you and your work and will direct as many people as I can to your web site.  The information you provide is an answered prayer bringing peace to my conflict.
          Peace and God Bless You."
    Joe B.
  46. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject:Liberals Like Christ
         "I love your web site and it is saved as one of my favorites.  It's the place where I send all of the Republican do-gooder's who wear there religion on their sleeve type people.
          You are doing God's work and I thank you for your great contribution to liberal causes, AMERICA NEEDS YOU! "
    John G., { Cincinnatti, OH }
  47. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Political menu
         "Excellent website, man.  I've waited for years for someone to explain about the total extreme hypocrisy of the Republican party and the neo-con fascists, that it is indeed the liberal who lives a life far more aligned with Christ's teachings and principles.  One has to wonder what in God's name Christ must think of these people.
          All the best."
    - Frank W,   Newark, DE
  48. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: "Liberals Like Christ":
         "I thank you, and I thank the Good Lord, that you offer the world so much highly needed insight and hope in these dreary days of conservative domination.  I come here often for refreshment and encouragement."
    – John. W.  (Prof. from Kansas)
  49. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,
         "I just found your website and I love every bit of it.  Thank you!
          I awoke a little depressed this morning but am a happy camper now, thanks to knowing there are people like you sharing the planet with me.  May Lady Luck bless you and keep you,"
    John Aalborg , Humanism with attitude!
  50. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: You're Still the Greatest, Ray!
         "Thanks so much for everything you're doing to get out the truth, in sharp contrast to those like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.  Can't those Right Wingers see all the hatred and greed oozing from those 2 hypocrites? "
    - Carole L.
  51. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : Peace.
    "Dear Ray,
          Thank you so much for e-mailing me your web site.  What an impressive statement - and I'm so glad it's in circulation.  In particular, I appreciated the word by word analysis from the debates.  That's important stuff that isn't really reported.  I hope to spend more time browsing through the "Liberals Like Christ" site.  A good place.
    Brother Ben D. " (United Methodist Minister and a Physician)
  52. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
         "Wow, Great site! The so-called 'Christian' right is giving Christianity a bad name for people who haven't read the teachings of Jesus.  Obviously I can't speak for Jesus, but growing up learning his message in a Methodist Church, and later studying the New Testament in depth on my own, I feel my liberal views are an extension of the wonderful things I learned from Jesus, compassion, service to the less fortunate, unconditional love, etc.
          Great work.  Your message is one that needs to be heard."
    - David H.  a software engineer in Conn. "
  53. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
         "I think "Liberals Like Christ" is a fantastic website with great information.  So much so that I added a link from www.unidiversal.com to your website.  It is one of the few websites I highly recommend.
          Thanks for all of the effort you have put into 'Liberals Like Christ'."
    - R. O.
  54. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,
         "I first discovered your site last winter and return to it quite frequently to digest your material.  I really admire your dedication and sound theological scholarship and application thereof to politics."
    Steven L., Editor of Webocracy.com.

  55. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Page
         "Great idea for a web site.  It really puts things into perspective.  I've argued most of my adult life that Jesus was a radical liberal, even a socialist.  (Usually falling on deaf ears.)
          Thanks for all the hard work it must have taken to put this all together."
    Curtis, an artist in the Bible belt.
  56. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals page
         "You've provided an intelligent - well thought out - enlightening approach to delivering a wealth of information.  I in turn would like to extend you a wealth of respect for doing so.
          Thank you! 
    N.E. - a student of life - Apex, NC
  57. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,
          "You are an absolute genius!  I love your website.  It is so thorough and has made me feel more comfortable as a liberal with opinions not in the majority.  As a college-age christian and liberal, I am constantly feeling inspired and redeemed by it.  I feel like I have a handle on any debate that comes along when I use its facts and commentary.
          Even though my opinions are not in the so-called "mainstream", I still feel that they are justified and concrete because of this site.  I feel like I am doing some good in this world simply by believing in my liberal principles."
    - E. K., 18 , Janesville, WI
  58. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray
         "God bless you.  Great website.  I'm thrilled to see so many of the things I've been saying written down.  I was raised in another country (my parents were missionaries) went to Hampton Deboise Academy with the children of the conservative Christian elite, and I am still shocked at the perverse justifications of Jim Crow, discrimination and Xenophobia in the US church.  I have stories to tell.
          I believe slavery and genocide (and theft of land) to be an unrepented sin, and incompatible with Christ's teachings or God's will."
    - Gulliver
  59. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : Link to Liberals Like Christ
         "Mr. Dubuque, your new http://LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/Godvsgreed-1  is brilliant.  It was just the addition that was needed.  I am just thrilled beyond words."
    - K. B.
  60. "Thank you, Ray.
          What a wonderful site you have.  Christ's message to me was always about helping those of us who needed help and a shield from those who exploited them.
    Marty H.
  61. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : Fighting the Good Fight against the Right
    To: Ray Dubuque
          " Wonderful site – I wonder how we could work together . . .
    + Rev. J. W. Watkins +
  62. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : Liberals like Christ
    To: Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
         .  "Thank you so much for this ministry.  It is fantastic and such a hopeful sign for our times and the future of our democracy.  A WWII vet, I have been a liberal since my monastery days having been enlightened by our novice and cleric master as to co-ops; small farm problems, papal encyclicals on social justice, etc.  Dorothy Day et al. "
    (Rev.) Jack E Holman
  63. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : Liberals like Christ
    "Dear Sir.
          " I really Love Liberals Like Christ at www.LiberalsLikeChrist.Org  .  I promise to do as much as I can to promote the site. . .  I give the site a Siskel and Eibert two thumbs up.  I hope and pray that the site maintains its status of stability and does not disburse after Nov. 7th, 2000.  I believe if that were case that a lot would be lost to a site of your magnitude in the battles that we Democrats continue to face and battle on the lines of the fore front." Jeffery A. Emrick , 4th Cousin Harry Truman
  64. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject:The new and improved site
          The new and improved site is very user friendly and well done. I have and will continue to recommend it to friends.
    Hugs, . . Jacy
  65. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : Thanks Ray
          You're a good person, Ray.  Thanks for keeping me in touch with beliefs I hold that are not represented for me in any kind of organized religion.  You are doing a wonderful service for those who come in touch with you.
    - Joyce Hays
  66. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: re: Chickenhawk page
            "Just gotta tell you how good your chickenhawk page  is. Best of its kind! Thank you!! It's going to be my example from here on out when I have to produce "the list" of chickenhawks.
            Going to show it to my young son in the military, we are working on de-repuglicanating him and it is going very well so far! Going to explore the whole site, too.
            Especially love the name: "LiberalsLikeChrist". That is just wonderful.
            Best Always,
    Teri L.
  67. (of 83 brief & high)  Evaluation form of Liberals Like Christ site.
          "I cannot tell you how much I am pleased for your site, and totally overwhelmed by your courage and dedication.  I already subscribe to your news letter, but I am now sending your site to many friends who share, as I do, your thoughts.  We are all activists for equality and for justice.
    Style: Fantastic!
    Religious background: I was raised Catholic, but left the Church a long time ago.  My Church is my heart.
    Time spent: many hours."
    - Monique F,  Philadelphia, PA
  68. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : LiberalsLikeChrist.org
    Dear Ray,

         "I most enthusiastically joined your {Liberals Like Christ} group today.  I would have joined much sooner, if I had known of its existence.  Perhaps I never got the e-mail, or I accidentally overlooked it.  I'm sure that once you get the word out to enough people, the interest in your organization will grow immensely."
    - Wedne76371
  69. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: I love this site
         "Thank you.  After being raised in a fundamentalist bible-thumping church , filled with hypocrisy, I began to hate Christianity and Christians.  It is just now that I am 43 years old that I realized that this is not the Christianity of Christ.  He said two things; 'love God and your neighbor.'  Let's get this word out there to young Christians and others who are searching for a more loving God.  They need to know that the 'Right' is not right.
    Lara M.,  (a nurse, United Church of Christ, Tallahassee, FL) "
  70. (of 83 brief & high)  Hi Ray,
         "Your website is fantastic.  I am learning a lot from it, and it is helping me to question some of my values regarding wealth.
          Thank you."
    - Robert G.
  71. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : Invitation to a great new Progressive Site!
    To : Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
          "Hi, Your web site is VERY exciting. . .  Glad to know there is another Christian that puckers at the thought of the Right Wing Extremists as Christian.  God bless."

  72. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
         "I love your site. . .  As a recovering Southern Baptist liberal, I think you are the best I've ever seen.  Thank you so much."
    - Betsy in Texas.
  73. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : FANTASTIC WEB SITE!!!
    To: Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
          "God Bless you! "
  74. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: re:Ray's page
          I believe what you preach wholeheartedly. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to share this on the internet. There have been peer reviewed studies done in the study of psychology that people tend to believe what they will with no regard for evidence. Perhaps this is why lifelong Christians, those who hear the lessons of Christ in Sunday School still refuse to hear the message in those lessons. The propagandists have the public forum. The race is not lost. But it will always be a hard fought fight. You are a new hero of mine for your work. "
    Dan H
  75. (of 83 brief & high) 
    " Love your site, Ray.  We will link.
          Bless you.  Keep up the good work."
    - Rev. Mel White. - [melwhite@soulforce.org]
  76. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Testimonial
            "God bless you and your web site. Thank you for having the courage to do it. I'm starting to get my Christianity back! All the things I learned growing up in the United Methodist church are coming back to me. It all started when Clinton was in office, and I was becoming more politically mature. I couldn't believe what the country was making of his affair, when there was so many other things going wrong in the world. Then the conservatives brainwashed the country and made W. out to be a saint. I stood by and scratched my head, not being able to find the right words. Your web site has done that for me. Peace. Andy"

  77. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject : "LiberalsLikeChrist"
    To: Ray
         "I TRULY believe in your cause.  It's time somebody stood up for the REAL Christ.
    - Cia
  78. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: comments on style updates:
    Hi Ray,       I really like the new layout of your web site. I sent the page you sent out around the Christmas season to a friend and she thanked me and loved it. She was very happy to have something to share with her Republican family and friends. Keep up your good work.
  79. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: comments on old & new site
          I loved the old site and I've recommended it hundreds of times. (I was one of the Clinton defenders also) and your site was an inspiration.
  80. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: What a great website!
    "Hi Ray, +
          Thank you so much for putting together this web site. I think it is important that you understand there are many, many Americans who share your views. I am too disgusted with the rich religious institutions in this country to go to church or temple. To live like a true Christian is to be 'Christ-like" (ie. like Christ). Christ spent most of his time challenging the rich and helping (feeding, clothing, teaching) the poor. How many of these religious hypocrites actually do this? They help themselves. Ironically, the churches in America have become the houses of pharoah, protecting and promoting the powerful and taxing and oppressing the poor to death.
          Lastly, to be rich is to be wicked and evil. Alas, that is a hard pill for affluent Americans to swallow as they plow down the highway in their SUV's on their way to their holiday homes (skipping church another weekend, alas!)
    Frank F. :)"
  81. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: re: LLC God & Gays page
          "What a wonderful page, ( God&gays.htm  ). I believe you're right on."
    Steven A.
  82. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Right on !
    "Dear Ray,
         I'm with you brother.  I'm a recent visitor to your web site and I have to say it is a breath of fresh air and much needed in today's American political climate.  Like you, I try to understand and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ - as opposed to the nonsense and trappings we see and hear so often in today's churches.
          I have added this site to my favorites and have been viewing regularly.  I will also share it with others.  All the best to you and yours, and Thank You for your work."
    Walt G.,  in Bethlehem, PA.
  83. (of 83 brief & high)  Subject: Pro choice
          "Your pro choice argument is among the best I've seen so far. I had no idea that Hilter was against abortion ! Lol lol lol. I guess this fact effectively renders Ray Comforts 180 movie as pure garbage. Lol; now that's funny. The thing is I am a follower of Christ who has recently switched from a pro-life position to a pro-choice position. This is no small feat considering I very rarely switch positions on anything. Anyway I been scanning the mobile web ever since in order to sharpen my arguments for the pro-choice position.
          Yours are the best arguments I have seen. Thank you so much.
          In Christ,   Josh "

  84. (of 83 brief & high)  from Evaluation form of Liberals Like Christ site.
    Content:  Not only outstanding, but, unlike a lot of liberal theology, expressed in plain language. Christian: Liberal Protestant  I wish liberals in politics would read this site. Even if we didn't have to answer to a fundamentalist wave in the U.S. presently, liberals need to know who their allies are, as you show so well that Christ is.

Regular Testimonials

  1. (of 20 brief & normal)  I'm a gay Christian. You're able to articulate what I haven't been able to express. I will use this website as a tool in debating.
  2. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject : a Christian LEFT Website
    To : Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
          Thank you so much!
         "Love ALL ways, "
    Randi Rhodes, Liberal Talk – Radio talk show celebrity, when she was still in Florida.
  3. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject: Thank you
          "I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for reaffirming my ability to be a Christian and a liberal
          A week before the November 2nd elections, I received a letter from a candidate running for state representative from my district, in which he called upon my vote to help "boot those anti-Christian liberals." I have never, in all my life, felt so personally attacked. To my mind and heart, there is nothing less Christian a person can do than create negative stereotypes of people they have never met. And when that stereotype is that the group is "anti-Christian" I feel that that act, in and of itself, goes against Christian theology
          Of course, I have never really doubted that Jesus was a liberal and that promoting social welfare programs and freedom to choose how one wishes to live their own life was doing nothing short of His work. But, I applaud you for your efforts to educate those who are waivering in their ability to be Christian Liberals- sometimes it is nice to have someone tell you you're not crazy for thinking they are not mutually exclusive. I will definitely be stopping by to read more often and will pass your site along to everyone I know
    A. D.
  4. (of 20 brief & normal)  Hello there , I saw that you mentioned feminist.org on your liberalslikechrist.org/a_Secular_Issue/GOPimmorality.html, and I wanted to share my gratitude concerning your work on the promotion of women. I want to suggest you also share an important guide on women’s safety online which came out recently. It was written by women for women and empowers women to protect themselves online. https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/the-empowering-internet-safety-guide-for-women/ I liked the way they gave a few tips for each situation and actionable items. Thanks for helping protect women online, Jane (Since receiving this kudo, I've published ThankGodforWOMEN.html, which I trust Jane would appreciate.)
  5. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject: Fundamentalism page
          "I came across your site and spent the next 2 hours reading. I have had these same thoughts for many years. In the church I attend it is no different. And that saddens me. And of course, our government has gone insane and is using the name of Jesus to increase its following. I have often wished that someone would confront the "president" on his "follower of Jesus" talk with the death of the soldiers, the civilians, the executions and the slow but steady starvation of our own poor. Thank you for the site. I will pass it on to others.
    Sincerely,"     S. M.
  6. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject: Thank you, I really needed to hear that.
    First of all let me state by saying I go to a Southern Baptist church. I love what you are doing and felt I needed something like that, I was feeling hurt by the "conservative" view points, when God was telling me different. I knew Jesus was a rebel, and we should listen to his teachings. I thank you in reminding me that we need to be liberated in what we think, and who we tell Jesus really is, the true savior, not the church. It's not right that the Church is some "exclusive" club just for the right, It's for everyone! Again thank-you "
    B. G.
  7. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject: Thanks for your website.
            " In the current environment of right-wing Christianity's popularity, it's both overwhelming and disheartening that people who are supposed to be lifting up Christ are lifting up so many ideals that are anti-Christ. Hopefully more and more liberal Christians will come out of hiding and speak up for what's right. "
  8. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject: when I quote the things Jesus actually said,
          "I knew there had to be people like me - "liberal" Christians. I have a hard time going to churches because they always end up preaching right-wing hate instead of the Gospel. Or, they end up being one more money-making enterprise. I don't see how anybody could read even one of the Gospels and vote for hate-mongers like W. The Devil flees when you quote scripture. I get a lot of conservative acquaintances (who think they're religious) totally tongue-tied when I quote the things Jesus actually said. It really motivates me to read the Word. "
  9. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    "Dear Ray,
          I live in the heart of the (arguably) reddest state in the union, Alaska.  Thank you for being a resource for those of us who desperately try to emulate and spread the Teachings as Jesus might have done himself.  Your website has helped comfort and strengthen those of us in the great-white-north to continue to spread the REAL good news.  God Bless you and your ministry. "
    A. J. B.
  10. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject : Thanks
    To : Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org    !
          "Your site is much needed!  many thanks from a radical left Christian 'Universalist-Quaker-Anabaptist etc.' who is a 'job' organist at a Calvinist-Reformed church!  "
    J. S.
  11. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject: Liberals page
    Dear Ray,
         "I enjoyed your site as I too recently came to the same conclusion that Jesus would have indeed been a liberal (and so therefore I stopped supporting the GOP).
          Keep up the good work! "
    B. P. , Galva, KS
  12. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    Hi Ray,
         "I am not a Christian, but I respect and admire your web site because of the honest attempt to represent the teachings of Jesus Christ.
          I have fought hypocrisy all my life and find your fight for the same to be inspiring."
    Mark R.  from Dallas, Tx
  13. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject : "Liberals Like Christ"
    "Hi Ray,
          You are a very rare person.  You are unusual because it appears that you embrace the cause of minorities. . .  I am glad to read what you say about Jesus Christ our Savior concerning the little people.  When I have more time, I will write to you some fascinating stuff about the lovely and peaceful people called Arrawaks who lived in Hispaniola-Haiti before 1492.  You may know where I am getting at."
          J. J. P. Hossein (a Haitian friend)
  14. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject : "LiberalsLikeChrist"
          " You can sign me up for Liberals Like Christ although I am not a christian nor do I belong to any organized religion.  I have my own faith learned and accepted from life's experiences and in my personal search.  However, I am so opposed to the right winged fundamentalists that I will help in any way I can to stop their zealousness, their hate, their warped way of preaching and sermonizing about what they call christian-values."
    - S. Shepherd
  15. (of 20 brief & normal)  from Evaluation form of Liberals Like Christ site.
          Thank you for your site. I certainly found a wealth of information to help "convert" my conservative christian mother.
    aunt . . . gmail.com
  16. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject : Liberals Like Christ
          "Love the site!  Love to hear more from you.  Can we put your site address on our literature?" - Harriet -
          ( the author's response:}       My friend, that's the whole idea.  Please do all you can to get the word out to other Democratic sites and activist groups, like Labor, Minority, Religious, Women, Gays, Immigrant, Prison Reform, Poor, Seniors, Children, Health, etc., etc.
    Ray Dubuque

  17. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject : Tell me more
    To : Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
          "I am a liberal but faith filled christian.
          I believe the time is coming for Christians who want to live lives of love, humility, and service to the least of these to be lambs that roar like lions.
    - Pete K.
  18. (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject : Falwell launches campaign to mobilize religious right. 
    To : Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
          "Thanks for building the site, Ray.  I am a liberal atheist who thinks that Jesus was the greatest liberal of all time – even if he was a little confused about who or what his father was. –   The world would be a much better place if more people would follow his teachings, especially Christians."
    - Richard C. 
( click below to view a separate page that lays out
my catalogue of  L o n g e r    Testimonials.
      Richard isn't the only Liberal Atheist who likes Jesus.  There's an excellent web site designed by and for such people called www.Atheists-for-Jesus.com .
  • (of 20 brief & normal)  Subject : Liberals like Christ
         "Bravo, and God bless your efforts.  I've taken the liberty of forwarding this to others whom I feel are in agreement with your representation of what a true Christian reflects."
    Jacquelyn W.

    ( click below to view a separate page that lays out
    my catalogue of  L o n g e r    Testimonials.
    Advice from the great comedian, George Burns, that I have tried to follow on my web sites, where many sections are essays or sermons;
          "The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and to have the two as close together as possible."

    Critical Reviews :

    Considering the source, we wear as a badge of honor evaluations of Liberals Like Christ by "Religious Right" people or die-hard conservatives like the ones below :

    1. (Rev.) Phil Johnson (on his website www.spurgeon.org/~phil/bookmark/realbad.htm) writes:
            "More seepage from the sewer of Socinianism.  Here's a site that pits the apostle Paul against Christ in order to justify a socialistic gospel, touting leftist politics and kneejerk liberalism, rather than faith in Christ alone, as the way of salvation."
    2. Sent: Jan. 30, 2009' Subject: re:LLC Ray's bio page
      "Fuck you dude....
      The reason you didn't stay Catholic is because you couldn't get the pussy if you were a Priest and I'm guessing by the fact you've adopted more kids than Woody Allen you get the pussy from more than just your wife.
      Fuck you...Eat shit cocksmoke. "
      from a Mark Miller (seattlehawk94@hotmail.com)
    3. from: Bo Logan
      To: Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org Subject : 3 brief notes on three pages
      re: King's Vision page:
      "this is absurd.  I am so glad King is dead."
      re: Liberals page
      "very interesting that all the best places to live are European !!! "  that means white places.  HA HA
      [What LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/Liberals  actually shows is that the best countries of world are all Liberal ones.]
      re: "Liberals Like Christ"
      "ludicrous.  this is the most insane web site I have ever found.  it is pathetic. very sad.  we all know that Christ would vote for George W. Bush.  Liberals are the anti-Christ and the scum of the earth.  GO 'W'  in 2004 ! "
    4. and this gem from a student at N. Carolina State U.  (whose name and email turned out to be fake) : From: Kevin Craver (???@nsu.edu)
      To: Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
      April 18, 2002' Subject: Liberals page
           "I hate liberals that love fags like you.  you twist the bible to meet your own needs instead of taking it as it is. (so we have a bible-lover here!). You're in favor of gun control and pro-choice.  I truly hate fag lovers like you.  I laughed at Matthew Shepard.  stupid faggot.  just like you liberals are.  _uck you fag lovers.  _uck your gun control and _uck your existence.
    5. ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Peter Wilson" peterwilson1@lycos.com
      To: ray@liberalslikechrist
      Aug. 08, 2005
      |" I came upon your assinine(sic) website quite by accident tonite. . . 
      | your slander and out-of-context presentation on Pius XII is reprehensible. . . 
      | yet another reason for the final demise of liberalism into the ashbin of history!
      | I suggest you checkout Rabbi Danlin's(sic) new book on Pius XII to see
      | the jewish case for the canonization of this great pope. . . 
      | in the meantime wash your mouth out with soap. . .  shame on you all!
      | P S  You may print this in your testimonials section but being a
      | broad-minded liberal I would not expect you to print it there. . . 
    6. The "Patriotic Thunder.com" was an elaborate site designed by extremely macho conservatives who selected a liberal each week for special abuse. They thought I should be ashamed to be one of their "Whack job of the week", in the company of Noam Chomski, Jane Fonda, Pres. Hugo Chavez, Christiane Amanpour, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Sadly, as of 2014, you can't check out my roasting at their www.patrioticthunder.com/whackjoboftheweek22.html page any longer, because their site has been "suspended".
    Ray's response:
    Dear Peter,

    Is there anything more asinine than a critic who is too lazy to reference the actual title of a book that he claims is the last word on the subject at hand and who is too ignorant to even know the name of that book's author?  Peter, there is no "new book on Pius XII by a Rabbi Danlin (sic)".  You obviously haven't seen the book that you reference, nor read a word of it. Yet your level of scholarship is such that you know that it is true and definitive.  How sad!!!
          Such ignorance is understandable however, if the source for your information is the ultra-conservative "Human Events" web site (which is likely as the book isn't in general circulation yet. . . Their review of this book (http://www.humaneventsonline.com/article.php?id=8090 ) asks and answers the rhetorical question,  "Was Pope Pius XII secretly in league with Adolf Hitler?  No, says Rabbi David G. Dalin, author of the revealing new book The Myth of Hitler's Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis ."  Whoever made that comment (whether author and/or critic) shows that they haven't even read the books which this book purports to refute.  However, having read many of those books myself, I know that none of them even makes the claim that   "Pope Pius XII was secretly in league with Adolf Hitler".
          I was tempted to tell you in a nutshell what these books do say, but that would only accommodate your laziness. If you really care about the truth, then you will have to uncover it by doing your own research.
          And Peter, I'm accepting your challenge and publishing your comments here on my testimonials page.
          Rev. Ray Dubuque
    ( P.S. Once the book actually came out, unlike Peter, I actually read Rabbi Dalin's book myself. I found it laughable, I created a web page called www.CatholicArrogance.Org/Hitlerspope.html in order to spelled out the reasons people should see it for it is, a joke, not serious scholarship.)

    Take it from Stephen;
    there is much more where
    this came from, at my
    ITYS-Banner website
    If ever you are moved to critique,
    support, or enlighten me,
    here's the way to do it :
    email image