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This is the 5th of 6 pages of a website that, prior to July in 2022,
was called "ChristianChoice.org" (and will still work until Nov.) , but
which now answers to the improved name "a-moral-and-Christian-choice.info".


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The reasons that
     followers of Jesus Christ
      should support Choice :

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1 - What's so moral or heroic about all of the conservative, male churchmen and/or politicians treating the consciences of women as inferior to their's, and interfering with the most private and intimate decisions of women ?


2 - More and more liberal clergy and politicians are supporting the view that morality is best served by supporting women's long struggle to be the ones who decide both when they become pregnant, and when and how they end those pregnancies :



In light of the fact that neither science nor religion can determine conclusively at what stage of development a human person distinct from the mother comes into being, with rights of its own, there is no valid reason for those with one opinion on the matter to use either the church or the government to impose their opinion on those who simply don't share it.         Liberal churchmen and the Democratic Party should not apologize for being Pro-Choice, because that is the moral thing to do.  Amendment IX of the Bill of Rights declares, "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."  and Amendment X,  "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."  It is morally and politically wrong for religions and/ or political Conservatives in America to try to deny others the right to live by their own devices.  And it is morally and politically right for religious and/ or political Liberals to respect,defend and promote those rights.

3 -This is why I have become so enthusiastic about women's autonomy :

After being involved for many years in all kinds of liberal causes, I have come to believe that, of all the urgent causes in America today, the most urgent may be the struggle for women to finally get full autonomy over their own bodies and especially over every pregnancy that they happen to have - which usually takes something like 18 years and not just 9 months to complete! -   No woman needs to be told that, least of all by a man. But after all of the tremendous contributions that women have made to all kinds of causes like the liberation of working men and women, children, immigrants, the handicapped, immigrants, African-Americans, and the LGBT community, isn't it time that we stop allowing women to follow their motherly instinct to always put the needs of others ahead of their own?
       If in just a few short years, we liberals have been able to persuade the majority of Americans that gays should be entitled to the same loving relationships that the rest of us take for granted, then how long should it take us to persuade every woman-lover in America ( in addition to the half of the people in America who are women) to respect women's ability to decide for themselves how to manage their own pregnancies!
        By the way, any "pro-life" person who might assume that I promote choice because of the needs of one or other of my daughters, or any other woman in my life, he or she would be mistaken, because, if any woman close to me has ever even thought of having an abortion, she has never let me in on it.

4 - This is what I have been doing to support women's autonomy:

What think you?   Too tame?   Too wild?   or   Right on?


In late 2015, I started going to the Planned Parenthood center in New Haven, CT to try to take on the "pro-life" protestors there. I have since developed powerful messages designed to so counter what they have been taught that they eventually decide that there are better things that they can do with their lives and leave the women who need help with problem pregnancies alone. I plan to continue to develop such messages and improve on them and to find other ways to distribute them, so that they can be used at other abortion clinics far and wide.

Here is that 25 min. Pro-Choice Podcast ( as of June 11, 2016 ).

Anyone interested in the written version will find the scripts below.

The first reaction of the Pro-Choice "establishment" to my approach will doubtless be "Huh? That's wierd!" Yes I know. Isn't that what they said when the Wright brothers came up with the idea of flying? If it's not yet time for Pro-Choicers to try something different, then when will it be?!?
        If you don't agree with me, then can you at least tell me what's wrong with my approach, or how to improve on it?   Ray@ChristianChoice.Org
P.S.         This effort of mine is an experiment. If it proves effective, and the pro-life protestors melt away at this one site, not only will it will be easy to then duplicate at any number of other abortion clinics all over the country, but we will be able to adapt this approach to reaching out to clergy, appealing to legislators, and supporting clients (with private recorded messages along similar lines.)

5 - The Planned Parenthood
podcast scripts: